Mondrago - Bar Berlin

Mondrago – Bar Berlin


MONDRAGO Logo AnimationMondrago is an universal game that attracts many people and ideas.

Some people know the Mondrago for many years. After the invention it was told to friends who continued telling to others. I heard the story from Adrian. I know Adrian because of Marion. When I meet with Marion we talk about Mondrago, it is part of our common history.

This evening I will talk about the Mondrago community. I am interested, what the our idea will be. For me the essential of Mondrago is the idea of playing. The Mondrago story is the story of inventing an idea of playing and following its way through human culture.

MONDRAGO an der Cala Mondrago auf MallorcaMONDRAGO, das Spiel zu zweit...In der Weiterbildungsmassnahme...MONDRAGO - Kids




Meeting with people that know Mondrago  and talking to them about Mondrago is something like having a fix point in our personal development that shows up regularly. We changed, Mondrago remained the same. It is part of our common identity.

Anytime I got into contact with Mondrago I had contact to nice people. Playing, explaining, discussing, storytelling – all of these actions happen in community with humans.

Mondrago-BarMondrago-Partie...unterwegs und zwischendurch...(Flughafen Djerba)MONDRAGO - Spieler




What have your experiences been, what were circumstancies, what people did you meet? Did you contact people by inviting them to a game?